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What is Thoragium ? Soon you'll see. It is the project I plan to complete before I turn 30 years old.

Note October 7th, '03

I am actually looking at the schedule that I've made to be on-time for my release and I noticed that I'm 1 month late. Actually. this is an average since some things were missing on the schedule. According to it, I'm on time but the missing stuff is probably going to require a month. This is for all the table populating. Then I'll code the creators that will replicate and join items together to create the complete environment. I choose VB to code my management tools since it's a simple coding langage and it is fast enough for what I require. I also came into a small conception error that I corrected. Rooms are now created in the allroom table. Then, they's be picked by the building creator. This part is going to take a building and set the rooms and their content.

**Thinking out loud** I'll also have to think about the road concept. A road could be a trace that is on my spot. Usually traces are on an item. Not over many spot. Also, traces aren't having effects. a road could enhance travelers speed. Roads aren't as big as spots so they can't be considered as a surface for a spot. **Results** : Roads are specific item, they are on one spot and they are connecting to the next spot by various scheme. I'll possibly use something like
789 to express the scheme.

Tami is going to be coded in another language. A performance oriented language.

Note October 8th, '03

I noticed that I haven't planned any time to enter information in the system. I'll have to add it to the ending buffer. I have planned a month for the setup. This was probably the time I imagined it would require. I'd say it is more likely to be 2 months. Some parts will be added during the Tami cortex creation since Tami will need some information to work with.

Discussion With Jerome

Here is a discussion I've had with a friend and I kept it.

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